Share your love of yoga and movement by expanding your abilities and personal yoga & dance practice with these new courses...

Available for Purchase Now: Hands-on Yoga Posture Adjusting and Assisting for Yoga Teachers.

Available for Purchase Now: Belly Dance World Dance Workout for Every Body

Coming Soon: Trauma Wise Yoga techniques, and other vital yoga teaching skills, and more.

Coming Soon: Yoga at Your Wall, Yoga Block Party, Yoga Warm-Ups, and more.

Learn from the playful and experienced author and yoga teacher/trainer´╗┐, Stephanie Ann Pappas, and her certified teachers.
Learn through a multi-media approach with: video, audio, pdf's of her books, webinars, and private tutoring (in person or online).

Join the playful and skillful Devalila Yoga & Dance Tribe (De-va-li-la in Sanskrit means: Divine Play of Life Itself)

2019 Devalila 300 Hour Grads
Stephanie Pappas 2019

"It is now 27 years I have been teaching yoga and dance and training yoga teachers - the best times of my life! I am so delighted that you visited my new online course website! I hope you enjoy the show. "

Love to YOU, Stephanie